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Loriann Hoff Oberlin, MS has written ten non-fiction books and hundreds of articles for consumer publications, including The Saturday Evening Post, Parenting, Elegant Bride, Family Circle, Parents, Woman’s World and numerous others. Books provide supportive self-help and reading the proper materials that your therapist/coach recommends can lessen your time in sessions, thus your costs. Consider it well worth the investment in a few good resources! Ms. Oberlin is the author/co-author of:

Overcoming Passive-Aggression: How to Stop Hidden Anger from Spoiling Your Relationships, Career, and Happiness and The Angry Child: Regaining Control When Your Child Is Out of Control, both written with Congressman Tim Murphy, Ph.D.

Surviving Separation & Divorce, having a cameo in the motion picture “The Other Woman” as the lead actress ponders it on screen.

Before becoming a counselor, Ms. Oberlin was an established writer contributing hundreds of articles to national and regional publications. She is by nature, a bibliophile and often recommends reading to clients who wish to learn more. This page offers some of the resources, including those written by others, that she counts as her true favorites.

Periodically, this page will feature additional articles, self-help material, and fun resources. Sign up for notices regarding new releases; some of these may originate from Shore Thing Publishing, Ms. Oberlin’s publishing entity.

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