Loriann Hoff Oberlin, MS has written ten non-fiction books and hundreds of articles for consumer publications, including The Saturday Evening Post, Parenting, Elegant Bride, Family Circle, Parents, Woman’s World and numerous others. In recent years, she has been sought out for interviews by First for Women, Buzzfeed, Fatherly, as well as New Hampshire NPR and Sirius XM Radio. Many of the books she has written, or those she recommends, can provide supportive self-help.

In an effort to make sessions more effective and to lessen overall length of treatment (and costs), I do encourage reading between sessions and practicing specific new skills, especially in terms of relationship interactions, communication, and interpersonal connection. As long as your physician allows, exercise remains a great complement to mental health therapy. It helps to lessen anxiety and anger, improve mood, confidence, and self-esteem. Plus, it’s just good for your physical health as well.

You’ll see a few self-help suggestions on this page as adjuncts to therapy, client education, child/parent communication, sensory input/focus help, and maybe just fun or gift-giving. Some of these items make excellent stocking stuffers, small or large gifts for special occasions.

The links below are some of Loriann’s favorites. This holiday season, Loriann hopes you might take the time to watch, read, and gift the numerous releases that have recognized the amazing work of the gentle giant known as Mister Rogers, whose dedication and contributions to children and families emotional health will be remembered far beyond this 50th anniversary year.

Loriann will participate at Heck with the Malls in Centreville, Maryland on December 8, and at two signings at Queenstown’s Book Warehouse November 24 (12-5 PM) and December 22 (11-5 PM). Most of her books can be ordered through your own local bookstore and always via this website. The Writing to Make Money Series has its own link with some fun product recommendations for writers and job seekers.

Below you’ll find links to Overcoming Passive-Aggression: How to Stop Hidden Anger from Spoiling Your Relationships, Career, and Happiness, The Angry Child: Regaining Control When Your Child Is Out of Control, and Surviving Separation & Divorce.

You’ll also spot women’s fiction—Letting Go: Book One of The Maryland Shores as well as Second Chances: Book Two of The Maryland Shores—written under Loriann’s pen name (Lauren Monroe)  plus dozens of games, books, fidget toys, gifts, inspiration and relaxation. Find Kindle and other formats here.

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Fred Rogers Legacy

Loriann’s Books
Women’s Fiction Titles written by Loriann under her pen name

Must-Read Gottman & Other Marriage Resources

Cool Feelings Fun for Kids: Think Stocking Stuffers, School Lockers & Emotion Expression

It’s Hard to Stay Frustrated When Creative

 Gifts That Make Parent/Child Communication Fun

Sure to Relax You When You’re Worried or Frazzled

School Focus • Fidget Aids • Sensory Input During Homework

More Fidget Toys & Relaxation Fun


Working Through Emotions & Anxiety for All Ages

Art & Board Games Promote Learning & Interaction

Learning About Family Systems Improves Relationships

Helping Kids Stay Organized

Middle Schooler & Young Adult Favorites

Exercise, Stress Reduction & Winter Doldrums

Writing Resources & Learning Aids

The Power of Positivity & Learning Fun
Escapes Meant Especially for Her

Teaching Children Boundaries & Personal Safety

 Other Useful Recommendations

Disclosures: Before becoming a counselor, Ms. Oberlin was an established writer contributing hundreds of articles to national and regional publications. She is by nature, a bibliophile and this page offers many of her true favorites. She is at work on new releases in the months ahead. Sign up for notices of these, some originating from Shore Thing Publishing, Ms. Oberlin’s publishing entity. Loriann Oberlin is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to link products to and affiliated sites and thus may provide minor referral fees.