Writing to Make Money Series

There’s nothing like depositing cold, hard cash earned from hours at the keyboard. Money to pay the bills, afford a vacation and buy the things you need.  In small bursts of time, writers will be surprised at what they can accomplish in short projects to boost a bank account and improve self-confidence.

Such vital victories propel writers forward, Loriann believes. She has seen this in her own writing career, which began both out of a desire to share information and be published as well as necessity. Loriann never saw herself as a book author when she graduated from college outside of Pittsburgh, PA. In the midst of a recession, full-time jobs weren’t plentiful. This didn’t daunt her; Loriann remembers the compliments paid by college friends on how she took her passion for writing and found ways to earn money.

She became a contributor to the Pittsburgh Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writing community news, business profiles, health and lifestyle features. For the Pittsburgh Business-Times, Loriann created a monthly work-at-home column.

Concurrently, she contributed to community, bridal, parenting, and senior magazines working her way from small contributions to airline magazine cover stories. Loriann represented Elegant Bride on numerous press trips for honeymoon travel articles; she increased her income by re-slanting research to other markets, namely Parents, Parenting, The Saturday Evening Post, USAir Magazine, and regional parenting publications. Teaching others how to become freelance writers, Ms. Oberlin taught at community colleges, the University of Pittsburgh, Writer’s Digest School, and at many writer’s conferences.

In 1995, Writer’s Digest showcased her knowledge in Writing for Money, her first book and a featured selection of Writer’s Digest Book Club, Literary Guild, and Doubleday Book Clubs. Later, AMACOM published Writing for Quick Cash, which Barnes & Noble used in an online seminar Loriann led.

Other books: Surviving Separation and Divorce, The Angry Child and Overcoming Passive-Aggression.

Completing her master’s degree in clinical counseling from Johns Hopkins University (2006), working the requisite clinical hours and establishing a private practice left little time to write much beyond a progress note or resume. Yet this knowledge base has added another facet to Loriann’s writing. She gets what it’s like to write as a side endeavor, gains inspiration at writing conferences, even when she serves as a presenter, and tries earnestly to take to the keyboard to create new projects, challenging herself and learning from others.

Loriann writes women’s fiction as Lauren Monroe, her pen name. Letting Go: Book One of The Maryland Shores and Second Chances: Book Two feature strong, career-minded women who overcome a host of self-doubts and obstacles as they re-start their lives after various losses. Characters cherish their friends, their children, and their work. In the process, they each find new, sustaining love. She’s working on book three in this series. Follow her work at Lauren Monroe, on this website and on social media.

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Writing to Make Money is a 2018 series for writers, students, retirees, small business owners and professionals who want to capitalize on skills, add income to the bank, promote products or services, enhance images, or write for self-expression. She’s uniquely equipped to cheerlead with cognitive-behavioral tips to set realistic goals, work efficiently, save money, and steer clear of get-rich-quick fantasies. That’s what you get in this series. While the landscape has changed since she began decades ago, Loriann wholeheartedly believes that writing, for so many, is a near perfect side hustle in what they call the gig economy. Why not give it a try?

Sign up at www.facebook.com/writingtomakemoney or email her from this website’s contact link to know when new books in the Writing to Make Money series are launched. Follow on Facebook @writingtomakemoney for articles, information, conference presentations and events. You can always request Loriann’s titles at your local bookstore or find them here.

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