Welcome to this practice, which will hopefully lead you to a happier, more fulfilled place in life. I accept CIGNA, United Healthcare/Optum and BC/BS in network plus Johns Hopkins Employer Health Plan (EHP) allowing Johns Hopkins Healthcare employees/family to access services.

The rest of this site outlines the mental health counseling for Maryland residents and personal coaching for all that Loriann Oberlin uses in her practice. She routinely works with clients to lessen anxiety and anger, improve depressed mood, discern a relationship’s viability and/or heal estrangement and other interpersonal problems.

Help is but a phone call or email away. Clients have engaged in and embraced both counseling and coaching through audio/video telehealth. The majority of appointments are still conducted using an easy-to-use, encrypted platform. You will need to click on the invite link I provide in an email to you in order to initiate this.

“In our sessions, Loriann always gives me ideas and other useful tools to help me continue working throughout each week. Whether it’s a book suggestion, an app, or a new perspective, it’s all had a positive effect. I look forward to these appointments and leave uplifted.”  — feedback following numerous sessions

If you live outside of Maryland and/or need coaching regarding communication and assertiveness training, parenting and relationship skills, career discernment and resume writing, or divorce and life coaching, please see that coaching services page.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Loriann Oberlin, MS, LCPC has a private practice in Gaithersburg, a suburb of Washington, D.C. She also sees clients throughout the state, including the Annapolis/Eastern Shore areas. Having advanced her skills through numerous trainings, particularly with couples/family counseling, cognitive-behavioral and telehealth counseling, Ms. Oberlin uses that knowledge to assist clients with their emotional wellness, relationship challenges, and life goals.

She serves as a mental health therapist only within Maryland for those living in state where she provides individual, couples and family counseling. The Counseling Compact may expand this so do inquire if you are out of state.

For now, she can also help those who reside beyond Maryland, those who don’t have or need a mental health diagnosis, and those who could benefit from time-limited, skill-based assistance, such as communication or assertiveness training.

New clients benefit immensely from reading the therapy/finance articles at the top of the Psychology Today Blog page.

As the author of eleven non-fiction books and two novels, Ms. Oberlin has helped hundreds of aspiring/established writers to develop side income from the convenience of home. Learn more at writing and career resources.

You’ll learn here how Loriann uses creative and positive approaches that support finding solutions for many of life’s problems. If you have questions about how services or books/resources that may help your life, loved ones or circumstances, please don’t hesitate to ask.

On the books tab, find helpful recommendations, including books on anxiety and specific products that are helpful for at-home school or work, on the books page.

Loriann frequently recommends educational reading, games and toys for social skills, art for managing your emotions. This helps people to relax and refocus. Board games promote social interaction.

“This has been a scary time in our country with a virus isolating and stressing many of us. So I was very happy to be able to continue sessions using telehealth. I needed these because you still need your mental health. It will make or break you, especially at a time like this. Loriann is no nonsense, telling me what I need to hear, with warmth and acceptance.” — mom juggling job, young family amid coronavirus fears 

Ms. Oberlin sends out periodic e-newsletters and speaks at community or at professional seminars. Click on the appropriate links to sign up for these e-mail updates that share relevant articles, new insights, and materials for parents, couples, and individual clients.

The practice schedules sessions by appointment only. Please fill out the online contact form as some days/times are in high demand. Thank you for stopping at this site. I look forward to the possibility of helping you and invite you to browse these pages as your leisure.

This practice accepts in network BC/BS plans, CIGNA as well as the Johns Hopkins Employer Health Plan (EHP) which means that employees and their family members at Sibley Hospital, Suburban Hospital, Howard County General and Johns Hopkins Healthcare facilities can engage my services quite easily and affordably.

You may also follow her books on LinkedIn and Facebook @OvercomingPassiveAggression, @SeparationandDivorce, @WritingToMakeMoney and @LaurenMonroeNovels.