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They say write what you enjoy reading. And so, she did.

Adopting the pen name Lauren Monroe…

A contemporary women’s fiction series set around the Chesapeake Bay

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Laugh, cry, make new friends, and escape. When Maren lost Mark, she felt adrift in choppy waters. Never one to act quickly and always one to worry, she must adjust course, adapting as a single mom, now with the DC sniper ramping up even more fear. Not exactly the time for change, more risk…or is it?

Steve has that full-of-himself yet charming way, cornering Maren’s curiosity with his compassion, sailing graces and hot distraction.

Scarred by betrayal, his recent relationships have been the casual kind. He thrives on the intensity of life and death. Will a left-brained, logical man and a creative, cautious woman get tangled in their differences and past hurts, or surrender what they must to live fuller lives and forge a future together…or apart?

Maren and Steve’s story continued in Second Chances, the sequel.

If you enjoy watching Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores and reading novels by authors such as Nora Roberts, Barbara Delinsky, Sherryl Woods or others, give this contemporary series a try!

Readers wanted Book Two so the story continues. Paul Romano once spent most waking hours fantasizing about Liz. More than 15 years later, he needs her again only as a lifeline as he grieves a loss too unexpected to bear.

When Liz’s idyllic Chesapeake life takes a plunge, she needs Paul’s friendship more than any fantasy. She must manage two children, a conniving, passive-aggressor, two exacting bosses, and Paul’s Italian Pittsburgh mother who shares the same name as a brewing hurricane. Fitting, as both head straight at Liz while a friend of Paul’s heaps more hurt onto Steve, jeopardizing his future with Maren.

Wounded yet strong characters determined to prevail over crushing blows neither expected.

Reading this Chesapeake series lets you experience true Maryland traditions from our blue crabs and Blackeyed Susan flora to delicious Smith Island cake and boating on the Bay.

Book Three in the series is definitely overdue, but rest assured, it’s in the works with a main and subplot to keep the pages turning. Stay tuned!

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Letting Go: Book One of The Maryland Shores: 

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Letting Go  Large Print Edition


Second Chances: Book Two of The Maryland Shores

Second Chances in eBook

Second Chances  Large Print Edition

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