A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Loriann Oberlin, MS, LCPC has a private practice in Easton, MD and in North Potomac, a suburb of Washington, D.C.  She coaches clients and has collaborative and mediation  training. The author of eleven non-fiction books and two novels, Ms. Oberlin has worked as a writer for decades. She debuts a new money-making book series helping writers and professionals in 2018. At least three books, possibly more, in the series are planned.

This site outlines creative and positive approaches that support finding solutions for many of life’s problems.  Please read it carefully to see how your needs can best be addressed with either individual or family therapy, coaching, or reading one of her many published works. Visit the books/recommendations page for helpful resources that she frequently recommends to clients—educational materials plus a few games and toys for self-expression, relaxation, and re-focusing. Recommendations for writers can be found on that page.

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The practice schedules sessions by appointment only. Please fill out the online contact form as some days/times are in high demand. Thank you for stopping at this site. I look forward to the possibility of helping you and invite you to browse these pages as your leisure.