As the author of eleven non-fiction books, two novels, and countless articles, reading ranks high on my list of educational and self-help pursuits.

Clients get more out of sessions if they read and practice new communication and interpersonal skills between meetings. Resources here reinforce how to work with your thoughts and challenge yourself to new behaviors. 

” I bought Overcoming Passive-Aggression because I couldn’t understand why some people acted a certain way, why no one else saw their behaviors as a problem, but I knew that their actions felt like an offense. This book validated my feelings and showed me how to deal with the underlying problem, not actions that came from it. This is a solid book for untangling the emotional mess when you’re getting mixed signals from someone.” — reader frustrated from dealing with difficult people
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“Last week my husband out of the blue announced he was leaving. I was shocked, devastated, angry, hurt…you name it. I read Surviving Separation & Divorce in two days and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In the long run, my life will be so much happier. I recommend this to anyone facing the pain of separation or divorce.” — woman given book as a gift during a personal crisis

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