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  • Please do not submit medically sensitive or private information via email or form. It is best to call.
  • Confidential messages are generally left on one's cell phone
  • I understand that I'm responsible for understanding any limitations of insurance benefits and that some professional services may not be insurance reimbursable. If I wish to use EAP benefits, I will indicate so here and realize that some problems/concerns aren't suited to EAP but will need longer sessions with insurance or private pay.
  • Please review the insurance plans I accept, found on the "Locations, Fees & FAQ’s" link.

    In your message, please include:

    — the ages/school grades of children and any concerns/diagnoses, if applicable

    — insurance plan or if you intend to pay privately

    — a brief snapshot of what brings you to counseling and who may have referred you

    Thank you for contacting Loriann Oberlin Counseling & Mediation, LLC.